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About Us

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At Mind Groove, we believe that mental fitness is the next health revolution. Training our attention and strengthening awareness enhances our minds, creating the space needed for better decisions, creative solutions, and happier teams. Current scientific research shows that simple, attention-building exercises can literally change our brains -- improving self-awareness, increasing resilience and strengthening focus. We work with individuals, teams and organizations to develop these skills.


Workshops & Training

teach mindfulness practices that strengthen attention, improve focus and creativity and mitigate stress.

Executive Coaching

empowers leaders to develop and sustain a personal mindfulness practice, improving self-awareness, emotional intelligence and leadership effectiveness.

Mindfulness Practice Sessions

offer employees the opportunity to continue training their attention through mindfulness practice. Available both onsite or remotely, these sessions reinforce the techniques learned in the Mindfulness workshops and training.


Jennifer Pulvermacher

President and Founder

Jennifer is a Management Consultant with over 25 years of experience in business strategy, organizational change management, and communication. Jennifer has facilitated major change and strategic efforts, including mission/vision development, social business strategy, and process redesign. Her clients include Fortune 500, mid-market, and small businesses, primarily in professional services, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. Jennifer is also a certified yoga instructor. She works with individuals, groups, and corporate clients on aligning mind, body, and breath through the practice of yoga.

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